Hoover Dam

My great grandfather, Chris Higuera, was an electrician on the Hoover Dam construction project.   Loved taking Zackary there this past summer.

Super loved it when he told me this is where great great grandfather Higuera hid the allspark.

This will always be Hoover’s legacy for me now. 

Hempfest Central is turning 4

Hempfest Central Merch

It blows my mind that our little piece of hemp heaven is turning 4!   When we embarked upon the journey of creating a centralized office for all things Hempfest I knew we were creating something special.

I’m so lucky.  I look forward to going to work every morning and my long days don’t seem long as they’re spent around people I love doing something that I know is changing the world.

If you can stop by and share some Hempfest love on November 17.  There will be free prizes for everyone who comes and we’ll be having a free 4:20 raffle and celebrating with cake and all our glass is 25% off too.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon Utah

This summer Zackary, Gignerale, & I took a 2.5 week road trip through 6 states visiting 4 National Parks and camping in some incredible places.  Bryce Canyon was one of my favorite spots!  Besides the amazing sites I bought a raccoon penis bone at a road side store.  Yes, you read that right, a raccoon penis bone.  It’s added to my collection of odd.

I want to go back and horse back ride the canyon.  I loved Bryce.

I’m finally having time to post some images.  Stay tuned for Grand Canyon, Zion, San Deigo, & Hempfest too!